Our smart future

Our smart future

Our Smart Future was produced in 2014 as a celebration of 25 years of the Australian alpaca. 

The video promotes the whole Australian alpaca industry as a maturing niche agribusiness opportunity with a history of more than 25 years in this country. The purpose is to inform and inspire a broad range of stakeholders including consumers, farmers and potential alpaca farmers, confirming that we have an industry producing elite genetics, quality assured Australian alpaca fleece, premium meat and a range of luxury consumer goods. 

Our Smart Future video


Technical Notes: This video is authorised for use by current AAA members only for direct promotional use at stud or industry events, and whichever version is chosen, must be screened in its entirety. The films may not be copied, edited, or re-used in any other form without prior consent. Use beyond this scope is not approved. For further usage enquiries, please contact us at info@alpaca.asn.au