20 Jul 2021 AAA National Show Cancellation

In these uncertain times, the Board of the AAA has regrettably made the hard decision to cancel the 2021 National Show for both halter and fleece exhibits.
The safety and welfare of our members and the greater alpaca community are at the heart of this decision. We understand that our members will be extremely disappointed to learn that the National Show has been cancelled for 2021. In order to respect the efforts of health authorities and the changing restrictions, we cannot ask you to commit to the cost and effort entailed in preparation and travel to a central location, to showcase the best of our alpacas and their fleeces. Please be assured though, that there are plans afoot to find a way to optimise future opportunities to showcase our industry.
An immense thank you goes to the convenors Paul Haslin and Lyn Dickson and their team of helpers. It cannot be underestimated the commitment and work that has gone into the organisation of the show which has sadly had to be cancelled. Paul and Lyn have indicated that they are ready to hang up their hats and that this was their last national convening role.
As we regroup to prepare for the possibilities of the future, may we encourage all members to fully support the upcoming shows and events in their regions. For some, this will include a Royal Show, with the chance to showcase your alpacas to the public and help them appreciate the qualities of alpaca fibre. As we look towards the coming year, our plans include a National Fleece Show early in 2022.
To help tidy up the details for the 2021 National Show, please be assured that all exhibitor fees, youth entries, trade sites and sponsorships that have been paid, will be refunded over the next few days. For those who have entered fleeces, please do not send any further fleeces for show entry.
If you have any queries, please contact AAA CEO Amanda Olthof – amanda@alpaca.asn.au

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