12 Dec The future of Australian alpaca judging is in good hands

This story first appeared on The Land.

After a rigorous selection process, the Australian Alpaca Association has six new apprentices starting their journey to become Australian alpaca judges.

The new apprentices include:

  • Lisa Charteris
  • Ariana McCauley
  • Taryan Mathews
  • Kurtis Parker
  • James Wheeler
  • Rubey Williams

The Australian Alpaca Association board thanked the outgoing Showing and Judging Committee for its hard work putting together and running the apprentice judge intake program.

This has been a huge undertaking which has identified excellent candidates,” association president, Andrew Munn said.

“Many industry volunteers assisted in this exercise.

“They helped with everything from training judges to animal handlers and the association is so appreciative of their specialist knowledge, time and effort.

“Special thanks go to the hosts of the two intake weekends – Julie and Russell from Baarrooka and Chris and Adrienne from Ambersun.

“Congratulations to all the apprentices on their selection.

“Australian Alpaca Association members look forward to seeing the new apprentices in the show ring next year.

“There they will be learning their craft under the guidance of the established pool of alpaca judges.”

The Australian Alpaca Association was established in 1990.

It is recognised by the Australian government as the peak industry body for the alpaca industry in Australia.

The association represents owners at all levels.

It is the collective voice of more than 1000 members in all states of Australia, providing tools, information, and support to bring owners together for the future of alpaca farming as a fully commercial industry.

“The Board directors, regional committees, volunteers and staff help new members get access to the tools and resources they need to develop their herd to its greatest potential,” Australian Alpaca Association chief executive officer, Amanda Olthof said.

“We aim to be the voice for the alpaca community as an organisation devoted to Australian alpaca farming.”

You’ll have access to the best information, support and services for managing and breeding alpacas in Australia.