NSW Shearers

Alpacas need to be shorn annually. This is usually done in spring or early summer so that the alpacas have grown enough fleece back before the weather cools again and so they have their fleece removed before the weather gets too hot. Depending where you live also has some influence on the window for shearing, for example in some coastal areas of NSW where there is not the risk of frost or severe cold, shearing may start earlier than in other locations in NSW. Talk to an experienced breeder in your area  to find out when alpacas are typically shorn in your area. Local breeders may also be able to advise you on alpaca shearers that are in or visit your area. When breeders only have a small number of Alpaca It may be beneficial to liase with other breeders locally to organise shearing simultaneously in order to secure the shearers services.

Alpacas are generally tied down or restrained for shearing, this may sound unpleasant but it is the safest way for both the alpacas and the shearer and is the standard practice in the alpaca industry. If done correctly with the right equipment, it causes no harm to the alpaca. Alpacas can be shorn on a specially built table designed for shearing or on the ground (you will need something placed on the ground to shear on, your shearer can advise you  of their preferred options).

It is recommended that those new to alpacas talk with experienced breeders about the shearing process, equipment, set ups and resources needed, or better still find one willing to have you go and watch their shearing first, many breeders will be open to this. For those yet to purchase their first alpacas, put finding out about shearing on your list of questions to ask the breeder you do purchase from.

It is also recommended that experienced alpaca shearers are used as they have learned the techniques for shearing and handling alpacas and can also give advice on the requirements for shearing. Discussions should be had with the shearer prior to the first shearing to agree what the service will include as it can vary. You will also need to ask if they place the alpaca on the table or floor and tie them down or if you will need to make arrangements for someone else to do this or decide if you are going to do these tasks; also inquire if they bring any of the equipment or if you need to have it.

Try to book in a shearer as far in advance of your shearing time as possible, some alpaca shearers already have bookings 12 months in advance and it can be very hard to secure an alpaca shearer in some areas if left until peak shearing time.

You can find a list of alpaca shearers below and information on where you can sell your fleece or have it processed here.

Shearer Directory

Ian Elkins

Table. Located Canberra, will travel up to 4 hour radius.
Ph: 0417 496 815 

Mick Elkins

Table. Located Canberra, will travel up to 4 hour radius.
Ph: 0408 665 228

Joe Hofer

Table. Small numbers preferred 150km radius of Albury.
Ph: 02 6026 3835 

Peter Downey

Sitting like sheep. Located Yass.
Ph: 02 6226 1566 

Michael Jackson

Ph: 0418 298 247 

Bernie McInerney

Ph: 02 4821 6298
M: 0429 668 24 


Chris Power

Ph: 0438 653 782 

Les White

Floor & Table.
Ph: 02 6227 6113
M: 0413 045 047 


David Pratt

Table. Covering southern and south West NSW and other areas by arrangement.
Ph: 0427 950 262


John Hall

Ph: 0400 036 266 

Stephen Auld

Ph: 0428 491 963 

Michael Clout

Hunter, Hawkesbury, Central Coast, DubboMudgee and Bathurst area.
0428 771 141 

Glen Dawson

Located Orangeville.
0432 870 533 

Brian Hughes

Ph: 02 6343 7143 

Jason McGaw

Ph: 02 6884 2707
M: 0428 443 129 

Lindsay Rapley

Located Collombatti.
Ph: 02 6566 8445
M: 0405 179 452 


Drew Shearman

Ph: 02 4920 1506
M: 0427 924 493 

Peter Turner

Ph: 02 6887 1324
M: 0419 996 457 

Simon Warner

Ph: 02 6368 7229
M: 0429 687 229 

Ken Wray

Southern Highlands, South Coast and Southern Tablelands.
Ph: 02 4841 1818

Sean Timmony

Sean Timmony 0417 272 937

Guidelines for Shearing Shed Set-up and Fleece Preparation