11 Mar AAA Statement on Covid-19 – Advice to members

Whilst the Covid-19 situation is constantly evolving, the AAA is monitoring the latest Government medical advice. At present, there is no ban on any events taking place in Australia and businesses have been advised to operate as normal. As always, our people (including exhibitors, judges, volunteers, officials, staff, members of the public) and livestock remain our top priority and we have comprehensive plans in place to ensure their safety and well-being.

It is paramount that potential impact on our people will be at the forefront of any decision made. We ask that all members involved in showing:

  1. practice high levels of hygiene as per the Government guidelines.  Note that this includes avoiding close contact and “touching”, so we recommend that while risk of the disease is present, judges do not shake hands with exhibitors
  2. follow the Department of Health advice about self-isolating which aims to help limit the spread of coronavirus

f you become unwell and think you may have symptoms of coronavirus, seek medical attention or if you cannot see your GP, call the hotline in your State or Territory. Government organisations, public health units and the World Health Organisation (WHO) continue to provide accurate, timely and detailed updates relevant to the whole community.

A healthy membership is our priority and we thank everyone for the role they’ll play in ensuring this is the outcome for the 2020 alpaca show season. AAA will continue to monitor the situation and act on advice from medical experts and the Australian Government taking appropriate action if required.

Further information plesae contact Amanda Olthof, AAA CEO at ceo@alpaca.asn.au

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