4 Jun Nominations open – Shane Read Medal

Outstanding national contribution to the Australian alpaca industry by a volunteer is recognised through an annual volunteering medal called the Shane Read Medal. The purpose of this award is to acknowledge and honor an exceptional volunteer for their achievement, contribution, service and leadership.

The medal is presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by the President of the Association or at a AAA occasion as deemed appropriate by the AAA Board.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be in writing using the nomination form attached, signed by two financial members of the Association. The AAA Board will consider all nominations, and be responsible for the awarding of the medal.  (Please refer to the application form attached) Nominations are be held in confidence by all parties for the duration of the process. Nominations must be received  by the AAA Chief Executive Officer on the appropriate nomination form by 30 June.

Criteria which may, but is not limited, be considered when nominating a member for the Shane Read medal are:

  • Length of service in a volunteering capacity
  • Sustained contribution to the industry in terms of time, effort and commitment
  • Active participation and involvement in multiple facets of the industry
  • Positive promotion of the industry
  • Have enthusiastically been an advocate and ambassador for the AAA
  • Display of values including teamwork, honesty and integrity

Only members who have been active volunteers within the last 3-5 years are eligible to be nominated. Current members of Committees and Working Groups, as well as general members, are all eligible to be nominated.

It is at the discretion of the Board whether the medal is awarded every year

Nominations close 30 June 2020

Further information

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